Telura Technology is a company dedicated to the development of advanced technological solutions based on innovation and optimization of the production, management and logistics of the whole business process.
Telura offers its customers advice and consulting custom tailored to the needs of the project.

Telura Technology develops among others the series of TOT CONTROL software that helps your company manage the costs of production, as well as obtain data in real-time from anywhere in the process, generating graphs and lists that allow you to take the appropriate decisions.
Applications are involved in all areas of production such as the management of stroke, production scheduling, analysis of availability of resources, maintenance of machinery, etc...

We are also able to tackle complex settings such as design in 3D, statistical, control software for robotic or cartography.

In the section on product series you can see some examples of this.

We highlight

  • Desarrollos para SBC's Raspberry,Arduino,etc Telura Technology, S.L. ofrece la creacion de aplicaciones desarrolladas directamente en plataformas SBCs con el lenguaje OBJECT PASCAL Lazasus POO con buenos resultados para la integracion de varios tipos de placas... read more >